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General Truck PTO Information

Muncie E Series Dump Pump
What are those dump pump part numbers?
  • Direct Mount - E2XL1-27-02BPRL (2 line)
  • Direct Mount - E3XL1-27-02BPRL (3 line)
  • Remote Mount - E2XL1-27-01RPRB (2 line)
  • Remote Mount - E3XL1-27-02RPRB (3 line)

What is the difference between 2 line and the 3 line dump pump setup?

While the 2 line setup is generally less expensive, the 3 line setup may save you money in the long run.
A 3 line dump pump setup allows your pump to run cooler, run longer and it is recommended when ever you have multiple cycles (up and down) on the same load. In other words, if your truck gets loaded, you drive, dump your entire load and then return for a new load, you can probably get away with using the 2 line setup. Typically you will always get longer service from a 3 line setup than a 2 line setup. That can save you money and keep you on the road longer.

What is Gear Pitch?

The number of teeth counted by measuring 3.14" around a gear.

What is Intermittent Service?

"Intermittent Service" as used in the Muncie QR2001 Application Catalog refers to an on/off operation under load. If maximum horsepower (HP) or torque (lb. ft.) are being used for extended periods of time (5 minutes or more every 15 minutes), then it must be considered as "Continuous Service" and the horsepower rating and service life expectation must be reduced. Operating at both maximum HP and maximum torque is not recommended and PTO life will be limited.

Continuous Service Warning - PTO's used for continuous service must be considered to have reduced horsepower capacity. In most cases the capability is reduced by 30% of the standard rating.
  • Example: 100 lb.ft. minus 30% = 70 lb.ft. or 50 HP minus 30% = 35 HP
  • The RL, RG and RX series PTO's are not approved for continuous duty applications.
  • If you have any questions regarding your PTO application, consult a Muncie application specialist. Call 1-800-367-7867, ask for customer service.

Fire Pump Applications

Fire pump applications are continuous duty and require de-rating of PTO applications by a factor of 20%.

What is Gear Backlash?

Muncie TG Series PTO
Backlash is defined as the space between meshing surfaces of the gears in gearbox devices. Space is needed for expansion caused by heat and viscosity changes in lubricants.

  • Refer to PTO owner's manual for the correct backlash adjustment procedure which is to be performed on every PTO installation.
  • Use of a dial indicator is recommended. The recommended backlash between the transmission and PTO is from .006 to .012 inches.
  • Too many gaskets will create too much backlash cause the PTO to rattle when running at no load. To correct - remove one or more gaskets and recheck backlash.
  • Too few gaskets will cause PTO to whine and may cause difficult shifting of the PTO and transmission. To correct - add one or more gaskets and recheck backlash. 
  • PTO's will not always make noises when improperly spaced.
  • Correct backlash must also be established when gear adapters are used. Transmissions using automatic transmission fluid may have higher noise levels caused by the thinner consistency of the lubricant and the large PTO drive gear in the transmission.


  The rotation shown for each PTO on the application sheets specifies "crnk" or "opp", indicating rotation of the PTO output shaft in relation to the rotation of the engine crankshaft. All engine crankshafts rotate in the same direction: CW when viewed from the front of the engine. See page 20 in the Muncie Quick Reference Catalog for a more detailed description.

Hydraulic Oil
  • What is the maximum temperature for hydraulic oil? - 180o
  • What is the recommended operating temperature for hydraulic oil? - 120 - 130o

Operating a hydraulic system above 180o will reduce the life of hydraulic oil. For every 20o over 180o, the life of the oil gets cut in half.

To determine what hydraulic pump is needed get;Muncie E Series Dump Pump
  • Flow Requirement (gallons per minute)
  • Engine speed during operation (RPMs)
  • PTO speed ratio (percent of engine speed)
  • Operating pressure (PSI)

I want a wet line kit! What information should I have ready?
  • What type of trailer?
  • Will this be used for more than one type of trailer?
  • What transmission is in truck?
  • Where do you want to mount the PTO?
  • Where do you want to mount the pump?
  • How do you want to control the PTO and pump? What type of controls? (Air or manual)
  • Do you need a hydraulic oil reservoir? Where do you want to mount it? (On the frame rail or behind the cab)